Monday, May 6, 2013

Mani-Monday: Red Leopard

This week I tried to create a different take on leopard. I started off with just a plain nude base and then created a line down the center of my nail and filled it with leopard prints. I’m really happy with how my nails turned out. It’s something different and obviously I’m all about different on my nails (I cannot wear just plain nail polish anymore…that’s a no go). This nail look also took pretty quick to do.
You will need:
Base coat
Nude nail polish
Red nail polish
Black acrylic or nail polish
Top coat
Step 1: First, apply your base coat. Then apply two coats of your nude polish. I used ‘Sandstorm’ by Maybelline.
Step 2: Next, using your red nail polish, I used ‘Lollipop’ by Essie, paint a line down the center on your nail. You can apply tape on the sides of your lines to create a straighter line, but I just painted the line slowly down the middle. Let it dry for a few minutes.
Step 3: Then, using your nude nail polish again, dot a few random dots on the red line on each nail. You can use the tip of the nail polish brush or a dotting tool.
Step 4: Then, using a toothpick, dip it in the black acrylic or nail polish and outline the nude dots to create a leopard look. Lastly, apply a top coat and you’re done! You can change it up and create this nail look with different colors.

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