Monday, May 20, 2013

Mani-Monday: Tropical Flowers

The weather has been getting warmer and warmer and I wanted to create some fun and tropical nails. These nails just make me think of Hawaii and the beach. Oh how much I wish I could be lying on the beach on some island right now. Well I unfortunately cannot be there but my nails will bring that tropical feel for me. I used a lot of different colored nail polishes but you can use only two different colors or use as many or as little as you desire. To get this look:
You will need:
Base coat
White nail polish
Green nail polish
Yellow nail polish
Purple nail polish
Pink nail polish
Blue nail polish
Orange nail polish
Black acrylic
Striping brush or toothpick
Top coat
Step 1: First, apply your base coat. Then apply 1-2 coats of your white polish. I used ‘White Hot’ by Sephora by OPI.
Step 2: Next, using your green nail polish, I used ‘Twiggie’ by Color Club, yellow nail polish, I used ‘Yellow Umbrella’ by Sephora, purple polish, I used ‘Jo’mina’ by Illamasqua, pink nail polish, I used ‘Venom’ by Duri, blue nail polish, I used ‘Calypso Blue’ by Sally Hansen, and orange nail polish, I used ‘Orange Fix’ by Maybelline, paint on the flowers on each of your nails like in the picture above. Wait a few minutes for your nails to dry a bit before you start applying the black lines. 
Step 3: Then, using your striping brush or toothpick, dip it in the black acrylic and draw on the lines starting from the center of the flower. Then draw on the three dots near the tops of the lines. Wait about 15 minutes for your nails to dry.
Step 4: Lastly, using a generous amount, apply a top coat and you’re done! Have fun with those tropical nails and go show them off.

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