Monday, August 19, 2013

Mani-Monday: Starry Sky

I bought two new blue nail polish colors and a silver glittery top coat. One was a dark blue and another was a light blue polish. So I really wanted to create a look with them. After playing around with them and trying to create a look I came up with this. And unexpectedly when I finished doing my nails I thought that they looked like a starry sky. The more and more I look at my nails now, the more I fall in love with them. And the glitters in the top coat have a sort of blue undertone to them which pulls the nail design together. To get this look:

 You will need:
Base coat
White nail polish
Light blue nail polish
Dark blue nail polish
Glitter Top coat
Makeup sponge
Step 1: First, apply your base coat. Then apply two coats of your white polish. I used ‘Porcelain Party’ by Maybelline. Wait a few minutes for your nail polish to dry before doing the sponging.
Step 2: Next, using makeup sponge brush on the dark blue polish, I used ‘Trippie Hippie’ by Color Club, then next to the dark blue, brush on the light blue polish, I used ‘Havana Dreams’ by Sephora by OPI, and lastly next to the light blue, brush on the white polish, I used ‘Porcelain Party’ by Maybelline. LIKE THE PICTURE BELOW. (I like to lightly dab the makeup sponge once on a napkin or piece of paper to let the colors blend). Then, dab the sponge on to your nail, making sure the dark blue is near your cuticles and dab lightly. Move the sponge a little up and down on your nail to blend the colors and give you that beautiful gradient look. You can repeat this process a few times (I usually do two times) to give you a more opaque gradient. Just make sure to reapply the colors on the sponge each time and wait a few minutes for the first layer to dry. After you are done applying the gradient clean up around your nails (this is sponging technique gets very messy) with a cotton swab and some nail polish remover.

Step 3: Lastly, apply your glitter top coat, I used ‘Meet me at the Disco’ by Sephora by OPI. You can stop there, but I added another clear top coat because I didn’t think my nails had enough shine. Voila! You are done with these starry nails. I think this nail look would look great with any colors, so have fun and play around with them.
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