Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! This is just a quick post on the nails I have on today and how to do them. Black and orange are usually the main colors represented with Halloween, so I thought I would create something using those two colors and then create a cobweb for a spooky halloweeny effect. To get this look:

You will need:
Base coat
Orange nail polish
Black nail polish
Glitter nail polish
White nail polish or white acrylic
Top coat
Makeup sponge
Step 1: First, apply your base coat. Then apply two coats of your orange polish. I used ‘Caliente Coral’ by Sephora by OPI. Wait a few minutes for your nail polish to dry before doing the sponging.
Step 2: Next, get your makeup sponge and brush on the orange polish and next to the orange, brush on the black polish, I used ‘Onyx Rush’ by Maybelline. I like to lightly dab the makeup sponge once on a napkin or piece of paper to let the colors blend. Then, dab the sponge on to your nail, making sure the orange is near your cuticles and dab lightly. Move the sponge a little up and down on your nail to blend the colors and give you a gradient look. You can repeat this step a few times (I usually do two times) to give you a more opaque gradient. Just make sure to reapply the colors on the sponge each time and wait a few minutes for the first layer to dry. 
Step 3: Then, you are going to apply the glitter polish, I used ‘Come to Pappa-razzi!’ by Sephora by OPI, on all your fingers except your ring finger. Next, using your toothpick, dip it into your white acrylic or white polish and begin to draw a few diagonal lines coming from the top corner of your nail. Then draw upside down U shapes in between the lines (like the picture above). 
Step 4: Lastly, apply your top coat and you are done! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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