Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's all about the shoes!

How many times have you spent staring at your closet and you just have no idea what to wear. I definitely have. But THEN something comes to my mind. I have been dying to wear these new shoes I just got but I don’t know if the outfit I decide to wear will go with them. So what I do is choose an outfit from the bottom up. Meaning, I pick the shoes I want to wear and select items to put together an outfit based off the shoes. This way you get to wear those new shoes you have just been waiting to wear and you put together an outfit in quicker time than just staring at your closet.

Statement Shoe
Pick a shoe that will be the center of your outfit. For example, a bright colorful shoe or a shoe that just makes you say “WOW” and choose an outfit that is simple to emphasize that beautiful statement shoe.
Simply Simple
Choose a simple shoe like a nude pump or simple black flats and put together a stand out outfit. Your outfit gets to be the center of attention while still wearing those fab shoes.
Boots Boots Boots
Most boots can go with everything, but it still makes it easier if you make the boots your center piece. Select an outfit that you know will highlight them. Choose the boots you want to wear and then build your outfit around them.
Most of the time what I like to do is bring my shoes into my room and place them near my closet and pull out items and see which ones will look good. I will usually start with which shoes I want to wear, then move on to which pants would look good with the shoes, and then lastly choose a top and accessories. This simple method of putting together an outfit from the bottom up makes things so much easier and fun!

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