Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bold Alternative

I love the look of a bold lip. It can completely transform your whole look. If you are wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, a bold lip can make your look that more interesting. Although I love a bold lipstick and it is definitely in this season, I am slightly hesitant of wearing one myself. So if you are scared of wearing a dark lipstick, you are not alone. There are ways that you can still wear a colored lip but not have it be so bold. There are many bold alternatives that give you just a hint of color on your lips:

Lip gloss
There are some colored lip glosses that give that bit of color to your lips but not with too much intensity. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss has a great range of colors and is very affordable. As well, Illamasqua has a selection of sheer lip gloss, just to add that little bit of color onto your lips.
Lip balm
Lip balms are great products to have. Some lip balms, such as, Maybelline Baby Lips, is a moisturizing lip balm that comes in 6 different shades. Another popular tinted lip balm is Clinique Chubby StickMoisturizing lip Colour Balm. This lip balm is moisturizing to the lips and provides a subtle natural-looking tint to the lips.
If you have any bold lipsticks lying around but are too afraid to use them cause they may be too intense for you, you can sheer them out and make them more wearable for your preference. Apply just a bit of the lipstick to your lips and use your finger to sheer out the lipstick, giving your lips a softly stained look. Or you can apply the lipstick and blot your lips with a tissue to give your lips a softer color.

There are many alternatives to wearing a bold lip. You can still add that hint of color you want without being too afraid. Go ahead and try some of these out!

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