Monday, February 25, 2013

Mani-Monday: Simply Classy

This technique has become one of my favorite and quick go-to nail art tricks. You can achieve this look with any color combination. It’s quick, simple, and classy. I used a gold and peach nail varnish to get a more elegant and glamorous look. All you need is two different colored nail polishes, a top coat, nail polish remover, and a plastic wrap. Here are the steps:

1.      Start by painting you base color. I used ‘Van d’Go’ by Essie on my pinky, pointer, and thumb. Then I painted Revlon ‘gold coin’ on my ring finger and middle finger.

2.      Next, take a small plastic wrap and crinkle it up. Use the side that has the best pattern. You will use this to create the gold stone pattern on the peach color.

3.      Paint some of your gold nail polish on the plastic.

4.      NOTE: Before you start, dab the plastic wrap on a piece of napkin/paper once or twice to remove the excess polish. Now dab the plastic on your nail (peach color). Then do the next nail and/or reapply more of your gold polish if needed. After you finish dabbing the gold onto the rest of your nails, clean up the edges with nail polish remover and a q-tip, nail stick, or paint brush.

5.      Add a top coat, I use Sephora by OPI 3-in-1 base, top, & strengthener, and VOILA you’re done with your simple and classy nails!

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