Monday, July 8, 2013

Mani-Monday: Neon French

I love neon nail polishes, especially for the summer. This time I wanted to create something simple with bright colors. This nail design allows us to take a twist on the classic French manicure by adding color and lines. It’s fun and easy, but it does take a bit longer than other designs because of the drying time. To get this nail look:
You will need:
Base coat
White nail polish
Pink neon nail polish
Green neon nail polish
Top coat
Striping tape
Step 1: First, apply your base coat. Then apply two coats of your white polish, I used ‘White Hot’ by Sephora by OPI. Wait for your nails to completely dry. Waiting for your nails to dry is important because if your nails are still wet the tape will lift the nail polish).
Step 2: Apply striping tape on the very tip of your nail. Then leave a little bit of space and apply another piece of striping tape. Then leave a bit of space again and apply another piece of striping tape. (LIKE THE PICTURE BELOW)
Step 3: On the top space apply the green neon polish, I used ‘Summer Rain’ by Duri. Then on the bottom space apply the pink neon polish, I used ‘24/7’ by Sinful Colors. Peel the striping tape off immediately (peel it off slowly). (LIKE THE PICTURE BELOW)
Step 4: Then, Lastly, apply a top coat and you are done! Simple, fun, and colorful mani’s are just the best.

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